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www.carfirst.com is the property of Frontier Car Group LLC (Delaware) and is governed by the Laws of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan. CarFirst's registered address is: 28-A, Block K, 1st Floor, MM Tower, Gulberg ||, Lahore. For further information contact us at info@carfirst.com or 042-111-111-227.

  1. Before you sell

    • CarFirst purchases cars that have complete and original paperwork and computerised registration plates. Cars with duplicate papers are not accepted
    • CarFirst does not purchase cars that are commercial, semi-commercial, government registered, custom auction or belonging to an amnesty scheme
    • CarFirst purchases only those cars that have been registered in a city where it has operational presence
    • CarFirst does not purchase cars that are on an open letter
    • CarFirst does not purchase cars that have: structural damage, vinyl wraps, repainted pillars, repainted roof top, alterations to the engine, body or electricals, been in major accidents, opened air-bags
    • CarFirst does not purchase Diesel Cars except Toyota Vigo, Land Cruiser and Prado
    • CarFirst processes payments in the presence of the individual under whose name the car is registered
    • Additional paper-work may be required incase original owner is not available
    • CarFirst holds the right to refuse inspection or purchase of any car without assigning any reason
    • Payments are made through PO/ Cheque / Online Transfer only. Only Initial Token Payments are made through cash equivalent to a maximum of 2% of the value of the car
    • It is the Seller's responsibility to pay all outstanding taxes, duties or pending payments related to the car
    • CarFirst holds the right to check paperwork in detail from all relevant authorities
    • In case a car is registered to a company, the seller is bound to bring an open NOC from the said company on the original letterhead stamped by the company. In case an open NOC is not available the cost of transfer will be deducted from the final price of the car

  2. Limited Liability

    The Site may contain links or links to third party sites or services that do not belong nor are controlled by CarFirst, so that CarFirst assumes no responsibility for the content, accuracy, policies, practices, opinions expressed in any of these third party sites or by any third party that the User interacts via the Site.
    The Site does not involve the provision of any consultancy services. No Site functionality shall be construed as advice or advice regarding the purchase and sale of vehicles. CarFirst shall not be liable for any consequence of the User's decisions, even if they based on the quotes made through the website.
    CarFirst uses third-party services to maintain the operation of the Site (eg, hosting servers), and may therefore eventually incur failures of said services. Carfirst shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from failure of the services of these third parties but, as far as possible, we will keep users informed about steps being taken to sanitize said failure.

  3. Applicable Laws and Jurisdiction

    www.CarFirst.com is owned and operated in entirety by Frontier Car Group LLC (Delaware). The laws of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan will hold supreme in any dispute.

  4. Privacy policy

    Please refer to the Privacy Policy section on the website

  5. Site Operations

    The CarFirst website provides a platform that allows the User to enter information on a vehicle of your property and get in an automated manner, an assessment of the value of this vehicle to purchase in the market.
    Once performed a Quote, user may or may not, at its sole discretion, take the car to an assessment and physical inspection of the physical units of CarFirst that may or may not also at its sole discretion, offer a purchase proposal of vehicle, the user can accept or reject the offered proposal.
    All quotes are non-binding and not create any binding contract or obligatory contract between user and CarFirst. The values indicated in the listing are mere tentative average car value in reported condition, purchase by CarFirst is subject to physical inspection of the said car. CarFirst does not provide any sort of warranty and may reject a quote as per CarFirst's discretion.

  6. Marketing Communications

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