How does the free online evaluation work?

On, get an initial estimate for your car by following these steps:

Enter the make, model and year

Provide us with some more basic information, such as car trims and mileage.

Based on this information, we will provide you with an estimated market value for your car.

Please note that the online evaluation does not consider factors for your car such as (color, basic conditions et al). The online estimate is based on your car being in near perfect condition and will not reflect wear and tear or any damages. It is then subject to physical inspection of the car by a CarFirst inspection team.

Step 2: Free Inspection

Got your instant evaluation and interested in selling your car? Book your appointment online or call us on on 0304 1111 CAR (227)

Step 3: Secure Payment Processing

Now that we have inspected your car, we will make a purchase offer. Once you accept the offer, and your payment is verified (through Pay Order) we will transfer ownership of your car as soon as possible...meanwhile you enjoy a fantastic cup of coffee with us!

Is it mandatory to book an appointment?

It is not mandatory to book an appointment, however we do recommend you book an appointment to save on waiting time, our inspector will know more about your car and will be able to make you an offer quicker!

What do I need to bring along?

Along with your car, you must bring the cars papers and the registered owner of the vehicle must be present for the evaluation.
Please bring the original registration book and file (please contact us in advance in case of duplicate papers)
The car must not be on an open letter, the original owner will have to be present for the transaction, Pay Order will only be payable to the person whose name the car is in
Please bring the original number plates of the car (in case of unavailability please notify our inspection expert)
Warranty books and service history documents
All duplicate keys
Please remember to take out all your belongings

My Car is registered on a company name, will you still buy it?

We will happily buy it - but please bring along some additional documents:
1. A letter from the company, signed and stamped authorizing you to sell the car
2. Contact details for a point of contact in the company
3. Two blank signed and stamped letterheads of the company.

Can the actual value differ from the online valuation?

Yes. The online evaluation does not factor in many variables for which we still need experts to physically check the car using our detailed checklist. The online valuation is based on cars that are in near perfect condition and prices can fluctuate based on the market demand, hence there may be slight or significant variation between the online and actual evaluation.

My taxes need to be paid - what do I do now?

We can only purchase your car once all motor taxes are up to date. Our partner firm can handle the payment and facilitate you in paying your taxes before sell your car.

Which Cars we buy OR do not buy?

We purchase cars that…

• Have complete, original paperwork and computerised registration plates (additional paper-work may be required if original owner is not available)
• Have been registered in a city where it has an operational presence
• Belong to a company if the seller brings an open NOC on an original letterhead stamped by the company. In case an open NOC is not available the cost of transfer will be deducted from the final price of the car

We don’t purchase cars that…

• Have duplicate papers
• Are commercial, semi-commercial, government registered, custom auction or part of an amnesty scheme
• Are in an open letter
• Have structural damage, vinyl wraps, repainted pillars, repainted roof top, alterations to the engine, body or electricals, been in major accidents or have opened air-bags.
• Have diesel engines except Toyota Vigo, Land Cruiser and Prado

Any questions?

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